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98% placement success means you can enjoy life and leave the rest to Lorraine Lee Estate Staffing.

Our 95% referral rate means you are in good company.

Adding in a 100% satisfaction guarantee brings complete peace of mind. Welcome to the Lorraine Lee family!

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Trisha Lorraine and her sister, Deborah Lee, are from Miami and reside full time in Palm Beach County.

Trisha has been serving Florida families, providing outstanding childcare professionals and other wonderful household staff for over twenty-one years. Little Angels Nanny Service is known as the top placement agency for nannies and babysitters in South Florida. Deborah joined Trisha in expanding the list of services and service area in 2022 so that principles and family offices can rely on one team for all private service professionals and household staffing needs. Together, they bring the best resources, integrity, and expertise in one package, meeting all of your estate management, childcare, and domestic staffing needs in an efficient and reliable manner. Please call or email to schedule a call or meeting to learn more!

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Florida’s Leaders in Estate Staffing

Trisha Lorraine Martin and Deborah Lee Beacham

Trisha Martin of Lorraine Lee Estate Staffing

Trisha Lorraine Martin

Deborah Lee Beacham of Lorraine Lee Estate Staffing

Deborah Lee Beacham

Lorraine Lee Estate Staffing is led by Trisha Martin, Florida’s most trusted domestic staffing expert for over two decades.

Trisha has supported and guided families with children through every aspect of care and in every type of household, from newborn care to special needs. She has worked with parents over long periods of time, even helping to transition children through all phases of life, including transitioning them to living life on their own. Her vast experience means that you can be assured that Trisha will take great care of your clients no matter what type of need arises. Long term relationships with distinguished families and professionals prove that your family and homes will be in the best hands.

Deborah Lee joined her sister, Trisha, in creating Lorraine Lee Estate Staffing after spending a season with United Way in Major Gifts. Philanthropy and charitable giving are in her nature and in her training, which began in financial services in the 1990’s as a wholesaler of funds and trust investment vehicles.

Since leaving financial services to marry and raise twins, she owned and managed an estate with multiple properties and domestic staff, meeting with financial and legal professionals on all matters. Deborah hired and managed a broad variety of staff and contractors for more than a decade, adding another layer of insight and experience to the bench. Her understanding of the family office role and the duties involved in estate management, combined with Trisha’s proven track record and two decades of domestic staffing service, mean that you have a partnership you can rely on completely.

Why Our Clients Return

98% placement satisfaction rate

95% referral rate

100% guarantee

Complete Peace of Mind

What Others are Saying About Us

I have had the privilege of working with Mrs. Trisha Martin. The level of work ethics, compassion and understanding are superb.
This is a company I have known and trusted since 2009.
I am very grateful that Ms Trisha still counts on me, when needed.
Thank you!
Jesica Brine, Delray Beach, FL


I had a wonderful experience working with Trisha and felt like I was in the best of hands. Highly recommend!


Trisha has a natural ability to understand her customer and she is able to meet their needs effectively.
I am grateful to know Trisha since 2013.


Had the best experience working with this company. Very thorough. Super communication. Followed up and so genuinely kind and friendly! I received my dream job thanks to them!


I had a very good experience being placed by Trisha. I definitely recommend putting your career in their hands.